Claims for a Burn from Hot Factory Equipment

Is it possible for factory workers to pursue claims for a burn from hot factory equipment? I recently injured myself in work after picking up a soldering gun which was still hot. As a result of the injury I have been left with third degree burns which my doctor has told me will scar.

Claims for a burn from hot factory equipment may be pursued if a claimant is able to prove that their employer is responsible for their injury. Employers are the persons most often held accountable for accidents at work as they owe their employees a ‘duty of care’ – meaning that they are responsible for ensuring that maintenance and safety checks are carried out properly, even if the checks and maintenance are carried out by someone else.

In your case, your employer may have failed in their duty of care by not implementing the proper procedures that if followed correctly, would have indicated to you that the soldering gun was still hot. Most workplaces use stickers or signposts to warn others of the presence of dangerous equipment, or that equipment which could pose a danger to the health of another worker has been used recently. If there was no indication that the soldering gun was still hot from the last time it was used, you may be able to pursue a claim for hot factory equipment burn compensation.

Claims for a burn from hot factory equipment can often yield large settlements – particularly if scarring is present, which your doctor has told you it will be. It is impossible to provide an estimate of how much compensation you may be awarded based on the limited detail of the accident provided in your question; however, it is possible to receive an estimate by speaking with a personal injury claims lawyer.

A personal injury claim lawyer may be able to assess claims for a burn from hot factory equipment based on your claim’s individual merits, and may be able to tell you whether or not you are entitled to make a burn from hot factory equipment claim for compensation, how much compensation you could receive, and how likely it is that you will be able to receive the complete settlement.